Our studio has its roots in 2008, with Vladislav Pilyuhovskogo, which is at the origin of its creation. This year, the same was also created our first game in the RPG genre of first-person. Following on Over the years the team has changed, and changed the name, created and closed new projects. Studio many times I closed and reopened and closing games production it was not for weeks or for months, and sometimes for the whole year. But our goal remains unchanged fidelity to the business forced us to go to the end.

We are making games to leave a mark on the history and quality above all for us. Creating the game in the first place, our team tried to come up with something new of their own. It is very important that people are playing our games, experienced only positive emotions and plunged into our worlds, experiencing the stories that we will tell.

Therefore, their spirituality, we take from the distant 2008, the game Cultmor and we are committed to please you with new and high-quality games, raising his bar higher and higher.

New life

In November 2015, after a break of several years, the studio was revived, was assembled a new composition, taken a new name - "UIS Entertainment" and began the conquest of new tops.

Game HardCube became the most successful and well-debuting game in the history of the studio, and it was our first step!

Our studio does not stop there and move toward their goals and adhere to its rules and traditions that have been formed for several years.

Our Team

Vladislav Pilyuhovsky

Team Leader

Roman Muhonko


Nikita Stangrit

Senior Programmer

Oleg Homyachuk

3D Modeller, level designer

Miroslav Prokopchuk

3D Modeller

Vlad Maliarchuk

Game Designer

Jasur Muhamedsadykov